Biggest Gum

Game Introduction
Perfect timing is your best friend for this game. You need to be very accurate when getting that perfect size of the bubblegum. 1-Line A more challenging H5 game. You have to finish the painting according to the given pattern. Each one can't be repeated. Blocks8 It's similar to Tetris. Three different shapes of "bricks" will be given each time. You need to drag these "bricks" to the assembly area, and when they are filled with a row or a column, they can be eliminated. Cars You drive your car around on the highway. As long as you pay attention to the vehicles ahead, they will arrive at the destination smoothly. Connect-Lines-2 It is necessary to reconnect the disturbed pipes in a reasonable order. Crazy-Balls Adjust the angle to launch the carzy balls, and let the carzy balls play several times on the lower block as much as possible. Dangerous-Racing Drive around on the city road, please control your steering wheel. Flower beds, manhole covers and vehicles are your enemies. Avoid them Drag-N-Merge-2 In the face of the number of squares constantly emerging from the bottom, you need to combine the same and adjacent squares as soon as possible. Drawing-Space Meteorite missiles come from all directions. The only way for you to survive is to flash to other places. However, they are all tracking missiles, so you have to hide again and again Dunk-Hoop Simple game, control the basketball box, catch the basketball and finish the success Fill Draw a line through all the squares according to the given pattern, but do not repeat it Fruit-Ninja-Online Fight, Ninja! Cut all the fruit with your sword. Pay attention to the bomb! Geometry-Jump As a small cube that slides fast on the ice, you need to jump to avoid obstacles Glass-The-Ice By patting the table, eject the ice from the cup and let it fall into another cup Impossible Move the grid, put out the reference area of the graphics even if the victory. Infinity By constantly clicking on the screen to make the ball go up, through various obstacles and finally to the end. Knife-Up Launch a knife and keep going up. You can get more rewards when you cut fruit Match-4 Move the digital block so that they can get more than 4 pieces of the same number in a row to eliminate them, and at the same time produce a quadruple digital block. If there is no continuous block, please do not move it easily, because it will generate more random number blocks One-Hand-Cowboy A qualified cowboy must be able to make every effort to achieve any static or moving goal. Press and hold the screen to adjust the muzzle, and release your hand to shoot immediately. Pin-It Insert the needle into a sphere of the same color. Red-Ball Adjust the launch block, click the "go" button, and let the red ball go to the end. Ranch-Adventures This is a cartoon style leisure elimination game, the game uses the classic elimination method, the player needs to get the specified score in the limited number of times, the music is easy and happy! Simple-Kids-Puzzle-Relations This is a puzzle game about animals. In this game, you have 4 images in each puzzle and 4 empty spaces in front of them. There are 4 images at the bottom side of the screen and you have to place them in empty spaces. There is a relation between the each given image and the one that you have to put in front of it and the player has to understand th is relation and put the images in correct order. These relations can be many different things, like animals and their foods, their inhabitant, the product that we produce from each of them and etc. There also forward and backward buttons and you can use them to skip a puzzle or play a previous one again. Because of the nature of this game and its cute and funny images, it can be very interesting and educational for kids. Sushi-Ninja Sushi Ninja is a very fun and classic leisure mobile game. The game picture is quite exquisite. Here you can enjoy the pleasure of fingertip sushi cutting. The game has a lot of fun! Your fingers are sharp knives. Become a sushi expert! The-Tower Jump! Up! This is the only way to play the game. Tiny-Rifles In Tiny Rifles you have to buy troops and send them to the frontlines of the battlefield. Take down alle enemies on the right. Buy snipers, machine gunners and airstrikes. Use your mouse/or tap with your finger to buy new soldiers and let move up a line. Wheelie-Bike Stick stunt rider is trying to ride his bicycle. He has to ride bicycle with a wheelie stunt as a challenge. Help him to balance his bicycle to perform wheelie stunt and travel as long as you can. Travel across adventurous platforms to attain high score and challenge your friends. Word-Search-2 Search and find the listed word from the jumbled alphabets. Listed words are in horizontal vertical or diagonal direction in the grid. Sooner you complete every level more score you will get. Wrecked Wreck all the cars on the track as fast as possible. Move your crane with the arrow keys up/down and swing it with arrow keys left/right. Watch the shadow to see what lane your crane is in
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